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Meet Fareed

Hi, my name is Fareed Jammal and I’m from Pakistan. I’m a second year international student studying a Masters in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Charles Darwin University (CDU). I have been in Australia for over two years and being here has been a wonderful experience and opened up my mind.

I chose to study in Australia because I wanted to experience life in a developed country and expand my horizon in a multicultural society. I first came to Australia with a plan to further my education and obtain more knowledge in my chosen field, but it is not the only thing I have learned in the past two years. I have also learnt to live independently, met some really wonderful people whom I would proudly call family and got an opportunity to travel and explore some wonderful places that nature has to offer.

Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory. It is a vibrant multicultural city with various ethnic groups having a strong presence in the city. People from 145 countries are found in the Northern Territory.

Darwin is a really beautiful place to live and travel. You can enjoy each day at a new place. I have been to many places in the Northern Territory, such as Alice SpringsKakadu and Litchfield National ParksBremer Island, Olive Pink Botanic GardensMindil Beach and Darwin Waterfront to name just a few.

Throughout my studies, CDU has always been supportive and encouraging. It is a welcoming place for international students, and both the University and its engineering faculty have provided me with assistance to do well in my studies. The university offers counselling programs and academic support, both services that help to make the move to the Northern Territory more comfortable for international students.

I have seen and enjoyed so many things since the first day I got here; the vast clear sky glistening with stars in the night, numerous large parks covered in green grass and beautiful trees, touching kangaroos, koalas and many other animals for the very first time, and great food and drinks from different countries around the world. Those are some of the things I had never experienced before I came here.

I still have plenty of time in Australia before my study finishes and I will try to value and cherish every moment I have, so that in the future when I look back I can always think that coming to Australia is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me.