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  • Amy

    Hi, I am Yue Zhang from Anhui Province, China. I am known as Amy. I originally went to Charles Darwin University as an exchange student from Anhui Agricultural University for one semester and had a unique experience in the Northern Territory.

  • Byunghyuk Lee

    Byunghyuk Lee

    I'm happy to introduce myself. My name is Byunghyuk Lee and please just call me as Byung although this may be still a bit difficult to pronounce for Australian. It’s because I’ve not find suitable English calling name yet. And my nationality is Korean and I’m from Seoul where is a capital city of Korea.

  • Mathew Koshy

    Mathew Koshy

    Hi my name is Mathew, I’m from Kerala, India and I live and study in Darwin. The weather is beautiful and it’s pretty much similar to my home town, where I come from, which makes me feel like home every time I’m here.

  • May


    I came to Darwin more than five years ago on a working holiday visa. I fell in love with this place, the freedom and the relaxed and friendly environment. I didn’t really speak English at the beginning, however, it didn’t stop my life and I got help from everyone. So I decided to stay in Darwin to study and develop myself.