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  • Kush


    Meet Kush Shah from India.

  • Mathew Koshy

    Mathew Koshy

    Hi my name is Mathew, I’m from Kerala, India and I live and study in Darwin. The weather is beautiful and it’s pretty much similar to my home town, where I come from, which makes me feel like home every time I’m here.

  • Abhishek


    Darwin city seemed small but it is home to people with kind, warm hearts. I have always felt welcomed in this city. Charles Darwin University came up as a suggestion through a trusted friend from my good old school days. I had a set of things I needed from a university as well as from a city and Darwin had it all.

  • Narayana Chowdary Morusu

    Narayana Chowdary Morusu

    My father is a farmer and we have our own agricultural lands of few acres. My father sponsors me funds for my stay in Australia and for education as well. My mother is a home maker and I have one elder sister, completed B.Tech in computer science. I am from an environment which is a perfect mix and match of village, town and city.