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Jayden - Malaysia

Jayden loves going to school in Darwin where he’s made strong subject choices and is enjoying the classes. His work experience at a veterinary surgery has turned into a part-time job, which is exciting given his career aspiration is to be a Vet.

​My name is Jayden and I go to Darwin High School, in Darwin.

Class conversation - 'Take your time, hold it'.

I love it. I feel like I learn more here, because I have been able to choose the subjects that interest me, I enjoy them and I work harder because I like it.

Background conversation - 'Amazing! 7.3', 'Turn that around', 'Like This?', 'Yes'.

I want to be a Vet, so my teacher helped me get my part time job, they send me to work experience and I work very good there and they hire me.

It’s hard to believe it, but I was worried that it might be too cold here. Now I love the Dry season and all the outdoor activities. I’m amazed by all the markets in Darwin. You get a wide range of Asian foods, where I don’t expect it.

If anyone asked me whether they should study in Darwin, I would say go for It!