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Bivish Ghimire, Nepal Casual Employee

Andy Price, General Manager Discovery Nightclub

We are part of the hospitality industry and we operate a nightclub that trades Friday, Saturday nights 10pm-4am. We also have a front bar and restaurant that trades 7 days a week 11am-11pm. We employ approximately 50 staff, 5 full time and the rest are casual. International students have been a key part of our workforce for over 20 years. We find international students fit in well with us typically because we trade at night time, which is outside the student’s study or class time. Our industry can be very flexible in relation to study
and cultural needs. Many of the students we have taken on come to us with very basic life skills. We provide them with the opportunity to meet people, be it staff or patrons, in a fast paced, fun environment and develop their interpersonal skills along with their English. In turn we are exposed to cultures that we my not necessarily have had any understanding of. It is really rewarding to see students that you gave an opportunity to many years ago, go on to fulf ill their goals and are now successful doctors, lawyers or accountants.

Student - Bivish Ghimire, Nepal Casual Employee

After completing my Batchelor of Engineering in Nepal, I decided to complete my Masters in Australia because of how well regarded Australian universities are overseas, and the flexibility it would give me to further my career either in Australia or Europe. I then chose Darwin because the Charles Darwin University is the only university that offers a stand alone Engineering Degree rather than a dual degree. Working at Discovery has helped me to manage my money. It has also improved my communication skills enormously, by starting off at a base position, working hard and learning, and now supervising my own small team. It has been exciting working in a busy nightclub and meeting people from all over the world in the tourist season. I have made some very good friends. Darwin has been very easy to settle into as the people are so friendly and welcoming so I didn’t experience any problems on this side. I did however need to change my study habits to fit in with the difference in semester schedule in Australia, but that didn’t take long.