Hi, I’m Angelo and I’m doing a Master of Emergency and Disaster Management course at Charles Darwin University. The reason why I chose this course is because its curriculum balance is both practice and research and it has a unique focus on the Asia Pacific.

Charles Darwin University is I think and innovative education institution. I have been lucky enough to receive a scholarship from the Australian Government and therefore you get personalised support for what you do.

So there are three reasons why I like Darwin, the first is because of its natural surrounds. It has a balanced ecosystem and the flora and fauna are abundant. There are also lots of wide open spaces where you could think and reflect as well as exercise, which are important to your well-being.

The second reason is the multicultural community, which is inclusive and tolerant to each other. And my family is only 4 hours and a half hours direct flight back.

And last but not least, is the similar climate to Asia. I think it helps us to adapt easily.

And every day is a new day.