Meet Wahaj

My main reason for choosing Northern Territory for study is the relaxing and welcoming environment of the territory. The safe and friendly community of Darwin, with the presence of world leading university greatly encourages me for selecting Northern Territory for higher education. Moreover, Darwin also has much better employment opportunities and a multicultural society which perfectly suits for international students. Another main reason for coming to Darwin is the supportive and encouraging Government of the Northern Territory, playing a vital role for attracting international students.

When I decided to come to Australia for my higher education, my first preferred location is Sydney because of its pleasant and comfortable lifestyle. But following my education consultant advice and friends recommendation, I changed my destination from Sydney to Darwin. I always wanted to come to Darwin for studies and after spending six months in Sydney’s busy lifestyle, the decision of moving to the Northern Territory was intially difficult for me because of the unsafe and undeveloped image of Darwin I had. Some of my mates and colleagues greatly discouraged me from coming to the Northern Territory saying that Darwin lacks multiculturalism and do not have much opportunities for international students. But based on my research and studies, I determined my decision.

Finally I arrived in Darwin on 15th December 2015 and decided to live in university accommodation International House Darwin (IHD). Just when I was going from airport to IHD, I meet a guy from my home country as he was a cab driver, then I realized that all the claims and statements of the people are false and based on untrue perception. I really enjoy the time living in IHD, where I participated in number of activities and events, such as trips to Litchfield National Parl and Crocodylus Park.

Living in Darwin allows me to make friendship with people from different nationalities and be able to enjoy memorable time with those friends. The relaxing and friendly environment of Darwin allows me to get adjusted and settled in new conditions. Moreover, the tropical weather and low traffic in Darwin make my life easier and pleasant. The attractive and well equipped campus of Charles Darwin University provides me with all the required facilities and assistance for studies. I am also able to get a suitable part time job as well as numerous worthwhile opportunities.