Meet Natsu

While my classmates chose to study in Sydney and Melbourne, I chose to come to Darwin, the mysterious and attractive Top End of Australia. I found the university when I was wandering on official websites of universities to find interesting research topics. I was in crush in Charles Darwin University when I saw 'Tropical River modelling' and a suite of similar topics.

Somebody thinks that the ranking of university and a metropolitan is important, but for me, I care more about doing what I love to do. And in fact, a nice supervisor is more significant in research than the ranking of a university. 

Thus, I applied for the course in Charles Darwin University and became a member of this university. First in Darwin, I was surprised that the weather is even cooler than in Shanghai (summer). Then, I found pancakes in Darwin were really tasty. Furthermore, the tropical view and industrialized city integrate perfectly, so it is absolutely enjoyable to live here.