Meet May

Lai mei ju (May) 

I came to Darwin more than 5 years ago on a working holiday visa. I fell in love with this place, the freedom and the relaxed and friendly environment. I didn’t really speak English at the beginning, however, it didn’t stop my life and I got help from everyone. So I decided to stay in Darwin to study and develop myself.


By studying in the Northern Territory I have received the help from many teachers and classmates who are all patient and enthusiastic. Throughout language school, I found my interest and after graduating decided to start my hospitality life. I’m now a cookery student and graduate from Charles Darwin University. 


"Get what you pay for". However, I got far more than I expected studying in the Northern Territory, including: Unforgettable memories, knowledge, confidence, learning the right attitude and the opportunity to learn from the best. Within a year I have improved in all areas. I’ve had the opportunity to follow chefs and even create and develop my own ideas and products. I can see my future after this hospitality course.


I just want to share with anyone who is interested in studying in the Northern Territory; I strongly recommend joining us here. Do not be afraid of the language barriers, and regardless of your age and nationality, all obstacles can be conquered with assistance in the NT.


In the Northern Territory my five and a half years of life have been full of memories and worthy of harvest and growth.