Meet Lara

I am not from Darwin originally I am from Alice Springs and I came up here to be independent from my parents while attending university. It may not be my choice to come up but it doesn’t mean that I didn’t want to be here. Living in Darwin is like living in Alice Springs but with more people and more tall buildings. Since I stayed in Darwin for university I now consider this place as my second home.

There are many things I enjoy about living in Darwin, aside from the people and the tall buildings I also love that its bigger than my home town meaning more places to shop. However, shopping is not the main reason why I enjoy being here. Darwin is more diverse than Alice Springs, it offers more opportunities for people like me who want to make the most of my university life. Since its bigger it is a great place to meet a whole new bunch of people from different backgrounds who can possibly be my lifelong friends or acquaintances. I was born in the Philippines and my family and I moved to Australia back in 2011. It was a big step for me however both places are quite the same so I did not struggle much to fit in.