Meet Amy

Hi, I am Yue Zhang from Anhui Province, China. I am known as Amy. I originally went to Charles Darwin University as an exchange student from Anhui Agricultural University for one semester and had a unique experience in the Northern Territory. After deep consideration and discussion with a friendly CDU International Office teacher who gave me really helpful advice, I came back to Darwin to pursue a master’s degree. Now I am studying a Master of Public Policy, a new major, in Charles Darwin University.

Some people asked me, "Why did you choose to come back?" I think there are three reasons behind it. First is its proximity to Asian countries. Compared with southern states, the Northern Territory enjoys a great geographic position and has a closer relationship with Asia, which also provides a better platform for me to find a job in dealing with public relations, especially with Asian countries, in the future. Secondly, the NT, especially Darwin, is a multi-cultural but authentic English-speaking area. Darwin is a quiet and definitely a good place to study. The third reason, and also the most important reason is the hospitality of Darwin people. Teachers, workers and even strangers are all willing to offer valuable advice and help to me, which impressed me when I first arrived and continues to be a huge support now.