Study in Australia's Northern Territory Scholarship

My name is Byunghyuk but please just call me Byung. I’m from Seoul, the capital city of Korea, where I live with my wife.

I completed a Bachelor of Science from Yonsei University in 2001, majoring in industrial and systems engineering. After graduation I joined IBM Korea as a new entry customer relationship management (CRM) consultant and trained in a boot camp for a half year. At those times economic growth rate was high in Korea, so business consulting work was very exciting.

Afterwards I worked for over 15 years for other companies such as Samsung SDS, Deloitte Anjin and Deloitte Consulting. During my time as a senior manager with Deloitte I was in charge of quality and risk management, which include legal affairs such as lawsuits and labour claims. I found the experience of collaborating with an attorney on legal work fun and interesting and started to study law from a distant learning facility in Korea.

From this experience I have decided to study law and become a lawyer. I chose to study at Charles Darwin University (CDU) and Darwin city for their location close to Asia and the Study in Australia’s Northern Territory Scholarship which supports students from Korea.

Being an Australian lawyer will be provide me with wider career opportunities in Korea handling international trade and dispute resolutions, and facilitating cross-border contracts between Australia and Korea.

I look forward to exchanging Australian and Asian culture while developing a broad network with other students from other Asian countries. The Study in Australia’s Northern Territory Scholarship and environment provides opportunities that will lead to good understanding and relationship development between Australia and Asian countries.

Country: South Korea
Studying: Bachelor of Laws (Graduate Entry)
Educational institution: Charles Darwin University