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  • Fareed Jammal

    Fareed Jammal

    I first came to Australia with a plan to further my education and obtain more knowledge in my chosen field, but it is not the only thing I have learned in the past two years...

  • Shree


    I came to Darwin in February 2016 as an intentional student. I am from Nepal, so at first I found this place very hot and humid. But slowly I got used to it and started liking it. The most beautiful thing about Darwin is its sunsets; they are beautiful. The city is small but vibrant. People are nice and helpful. Part-time jobs were easy.

  • Enggar


    ​Hi, I’m Enggar, I’m studying a Bachelor of Secondary Education majoring in music here at Charles Darwin University. The main reason why I chose Darwin is because it’s really close to my home town. I can visit my parents regularly, like once every six months or once every year, so I don’t feel like I’m really far away from my family. It’s an...

  • Angelo Trias

    Angelo Trias

    Hi I’m Angelo and I’m doing a Master of Emergency and Disaster Management course at Charles Darwin University. The reason why I chose this course is because its curriculum balance is both practice and research and it has a unique focus on the Asia Pacific.