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Australia’s Northern Territory offers a warm, tropical climate in its north, and an arid desert climate in the south.

Darwin, the Territory’s capital, is approximately 12 degrees south of the equator, about the same latitude as Quezon City in the Philippines, Bangkok in Thailand, Chennai in India and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

Darwin has distinct wet and dry seasons with very high humidity and rain from November to March. Maximum temperatures are in the low 30s all year-round and minimum temperatures range from 19.3 degrees Celsius in July, to 25.3 in November and December.

Alice Springs, about 24 degrees south of the equator, is on a similar latitude to Kolkata in India and Guangzhou in China. Located in the very centre of the Australian continent, Alice Springs offers a pleasant desert climate with maximum temperatures from 19.7 degrees Celsius in July to 36.4 in January and minimums from 4 degrees Celsius in July to 21.5 in January.